Jason Tracey


Whether it was being raised in poverty & abuse, overcoming personal debt, or resurrecting struggling businesses Jason is a person that has faced real life challenges, and self imposed limiting beliefs. Through these trials and tribulations he developed a system of surviving & thriving within the elements of the jungle. As a speaker, coach, & business consultant he shares his Be the Difference system to both personal and professional dominance.

From the stage Jason engages the audience with passion and authenticity as he shares his own deeply personal story of poor circumstances, bad decisions, extreme fear, and a limiting belief system. The story resonates with people guiding them through the discoveries to break through their own chains of pain, fear, regret, and self limitations.

Jason's work has impacted thousands of lives while delivering thousands of speeches, workshops, corporate training's and one on one sessions in both his career as a small business leader, and as Founder of Roar Consulting.