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This is America

February 12, 2021

"This is America. Don't catch you slippin now..." -Donald Glover As a person that focuses on the solutions vs dwelling on the problems all my posts you see are extremely positive. However as a victim to child abuse myself I realize that sometimes we all need to have our eyes opened to what is actually happening right here in our own back yard. Because: 1. This is America 2. If we continue turning a blind eye to reality we will continue to raise children that have NO HOPE So grateful to work with a seed planter like Candace Eritano as she is on a mission to Alleviate Shame within the victims that she works with.

Noah's Ark Concept

February 12, 2021

"When you are building the boat nobody believes you." Overcoming the opinions of others, especially family and close friends, can be the most difficult hurdle in life. Listen is as Amy Grace Gargar explains how she pushed past the Collective Thought, utilizing the Noah's Ark Concept, to discover more than meets the eye.

Being That One

February 12, 2021

It is easy to fall into the narrative that others project on us whether positively or negatively. Both Candace and myself have experienced the people that tear us down. Tell us we ain't shit and never going to be shit. But luckily we also both found people that believed in us and sparked a glimmer of hope that we turned into a raging fire. The message? All it takes is 1 person! Are you an empowerer or a detractor to the people in your life?

Opportunity Meets Presence

February 12, 2021

Imagine leaving your family coming to the United States as an immigrant, not even sure if they were going accept you, with nothing but a backpack and a dream of a better life. Because he didn't have enough money to make it back to his home country of the Philippines if his plan did not work, failure was not an option. Our guest this week, Sir Gemini Agaloos, is a testament to what happens when you are Present, Persistent, and adapt to the grind mentality. Grit Sir Gemini certainly has in spades! Listen in to full podcast to hear Gemini's incredible journey from couch surfing in a foreign land to 6 figures!​ He also shares with us a vision that he is turning into reality that will forever alter the way we learn in the United States with his company BrainTrain Learning Systems.

Serving Your Purpose

January 8, 2021

Join us as Coach Herb Kieklak shares his transformation from being the slow kid on the block, to only running when it came time for last call, to competing in marathons and century races. Listen in as Herb describes the mindset shift it took to merely finish the race earning a participation t shirt to finishing Top 3 in his age group, and Top 10 overall.


Angelina R

Dr Wax Orthodontics

You brought the energy and the TEAM loved it! You had great points and did a wonderful job incorporating our real life work scenarios and gave us examples and a different approach/outlook. We will definitely benefit from the information that you gave us.

Sarah Williams

Dr Wax Orthodontics

Good Morning Jason! Your presentation was spot on! The energy you brought to the group was amazing! You were the perfect fit to our retreat. Bringing in specific details such as Retainer Insurance was super helpful in connecting with the team. Thank you!

MIsty White

Owner/Operator-Advanced Care Chiropractic

Jason, thank you so much for coming out to our all day team retreat and working with our crew! We loved the exercise we did and diving into our mindsets around sales. Thanks for helping us grow personally and professionally🙌🏼. We can’t wait to work with you again:)

Sparkle Lindsay

Founder-Sparkle LLC

Jason is a wonderful coach and he knows how to bring out the lion in you!! He keeps things positive and he helps you find what makes you amazing, just by his abilities to deep listen and meet your where your at on a daily basis. Thank you Jason for believing in me, and standing by me in this journey of enlightenment.

Wally Bressler

Co-Founder-Phone Sales Secrets

You folks already know Jason Tracey, so what I'm going to say is not a surprise: He is a class act and one of the most servant-minded professionals I've ever met in my 30 years in the business world. More importantly, he's able to break down some of the fairly complex psychological and emotional strategies behind success so that his clients can understand the shifts they need to make in themselves and their approach to growing their business easily and effectively. My favorite thing is that Jason helps people who are square pegs fit into square holes. He leverages what they already love to do and then guides them to making it an entrepreneurial success. I am honored to have met you Jason and hope we can find some ways to do some great things together. Thank you again for joining me on my podcast yesterday. "OWN THE PHONE"

John Gouin


3 years ago, you couldn't have convinced me that I had anything to learn about running a small business. I had survived and flourished for over 16 years. I was regularly hitting revenue targets, and had successfully weathered the 2008 financial crisis. However, things change, and I gradually got complacent. The phone didn't ring as much; customers were dropping off; large and lucrative projects were no longer the norm, and my core business was changing. I wasn't being proactive, and my confidence was eroding. Fast forward to 2019, and the situation was critical. I lost my largest customer, and the pressure and fear was now interfering with my ability to be a dedicated father and husband. I met Jason Tracey at a local networking group, and after hearing my story, he had some hard words for me. After flailing about for a few more desperate months, I signed on at Roar Consulting with Jason as my coach. This process is challenging, and it will be up to you to make substantive change, but you won't be alone. I'm incredibly grateful for Jason's candor, deep knowledge, friendship, and most of all, his genuine excitement when doors start opening. If you're a struggling small business person, listen carefully. You'll learn a lot about authenticity, accountability, and that your business is what YOU make it; YOU get to define it. Go here. Hire Jason. Stop being a victim. EAT FACES.

Brian Bundesen

Ann Arbor Real Estate Investors Club

I had the great fortune to cross paths with Jason a couple years ago, and have been inspired by his knowledge, passion and spirit ever since. His motivational talks have been a catalyst for me to both pursue coaching certifications as well as embrace the value of being Coached. At our 1:1 sessions I have learned a TON, and gained new and valuable perspectives on my personal career path, that I really doubt I would have otherwise learned about. Jason has also generously given his time to speak at events I have hosted. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason, Roar, and his whole approach. You will be glad when you engage his services

Nick Giese

Mindful Media

Jason Tracey is incredible at what he does. To me, he's an inspiration, motivation, mentor, and great friend. Ever since I approached him it's been nothing but positivity, encouragement, and brutal honesty. My life has been dramatically changed by him and I can't be thankful enough. I quit my 9-5 job to pursue my own business full time and haven't looked back. Not only did he help me get the courage to make this "risky" step—he taught me how to approach people and produce results. My perspective on "selling" is completely different and has become effortless thanks to Jason. Now I can go forth and eat faces!

Kris Hingst

Krommatic Marketing

Jason has been instrumental in propelling my consulting business forward. Having a coach like him as a soundboard and confidant has given me the focus and direction on achieving my business goals. His motivation, sales tactics, and listening skills are top notch. Any entrepreneur/small business that needs accountability or direction to grow their business, should reach out to Jason immediately!

Natalie Miller

Grit & Lavendar Financial Planning

Jason is an amazing coach & partner to have on your team. He really takes the time to listen to your challenges, opportunities, & help your sort out all of the noise to you can propel yourself forward. He has a wealth of knowledge & experience, but doesn’t overwhelm you with it. He gives you actionable steps each week to help you reach your goals and help hold you accountable to what you say you will do. If for some reason you miss on what you said you will do, he doesn’t brow beat you, he looks for the reason there was a breakdown, reviews what that just cost you and helps you prevent that same action from reoccurring. He is an asset to any entrepreneur &/or sales team! I highly recommend giving him a call.







Desi Mayner

Mayner Leadership

Desi Mayner with Mayner Leadership closes the biggest deal for his new business.

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