Accelerated Growth

Because not ☝️ person in the world has it all figured out the key to accelerated growth is being COACHABLE. "If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room." Last year while catching up with one of my former leaders, Kelly Quisenberry, she was telling me about a new guy she is developing on her team, and exclaimed "He is so Coachable!" And then she laughed and said do you want to hear a funny story? (Of course I am always down for a funny story) She said "do you remember that training we did when I first joined the team, and on breaks we had to write down words that describe each person in the group?" Me: "Yes I remember" Kelly: "Well I remember you wrote down the word Coachable on mine, and I was so upset. I thought being Coachable meant I was a project that had a lot to learn, and I took it as a bad thing..." Me: Laughs Kelly: "Because of you I now know that being Coachable is the best trait you can possess." My guest on Episode 15 of ☕ & Grit John H. Burt has seen firsthand how being Coachable has the power to create Accelerated Growth. If at first you don't succeed... Then next time do what the COACH told you to do the first time!