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Giving A Shit About The Wrong Shit-Part 1 featuring Big C

Too often we get caught up in what others think, which is preventing us from living a life free from the chains of fear & limiting beliefs. Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker, & Bad Ass Brandon Coleman joins me for morning fuel and to urge you to Stop Giving A Shit About The Wrong Shit!

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Podcast Feature: So, You're In Sales

What happens when that which propels your success is driven from trauma, tragedy or other sources of dysfunction? In this Episode, business coach Jason Tracey examines the results from his time spent with entrepreneurs and sales teams and the ways salespeople often create their own obstacles and gives his first-person perspective on why you should be providing content via video immediately if not sooner

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Whose Who In Two

As a guest on Whose Who In Two, Karyl Eckerle we discussed the truth in the American Dream, passion & purpose, finding resources to survive & thrive in business, and much more.

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