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Business on a Bike

Episode 5: Who I AM

Entrepreneurs are you looking to grow your business in 2020? The world is a very magical place when Who You Are becomes What You Do! This weeks guest, on Business On A Bike, Wendy Caverly of Caerusnet Connections describes how she discovered her passion & purpose, while moonlighting as a credit card processor. We also discuss how to build consistent results, how to overcome feeling like a sales person, and how YOU can grow your business in 2020.

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Business On A Bike Ep 4: Know, Like, & Trust

Take the journey with us to Howell, Michigan to chat with Wendy Caverley, Chief Referral Officer of Caerusnet Connections as discuss how to utilize the power of connection to grow you business & career.

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Business On A Bike Ep 3: If You Build It They Will Come

Are you currently building a customer base? Do you want to know the secrets to building a raving fan base that both repeats & refers business? Check out Episode 3 of BOB with Dr Jason & Misty White share their secrets to growing a thriving business that has been compared to The Disney of Chiropractic, and had to move to a bigger space to accommodate their exploding client base.

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Business On A Bike Ep 2:  No I In Team

Business owners, does it cost too much to invest in your team? Well maybe you are looking at it in the wrong perspective. Let me ask you: How much is it costing you to replace your employees when they leave? The information shared in the 2nd Episode of Business On A Bike changed my life, because my mentor believed in the same philosophy as Dr Jason & Misty.

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Business On A Bike Ep 1: For Better Or Worse

Small Business Owners, Business Professionals, & Entrepreneurs... The wait has been long for the premier of Business on a Bike, however I think it was worth it! The content in this first episode with Dr Jason & Misty White personally changed my life and my business forever! Have you been thinking about going into business with your spouse? Or are you already working together and are struggling with your communication? Tune in to see how Jason & Misty strengthened their 20 year marriage and grew together through business resulting in a successful 5 Star practice.

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